February 1, 2023
Welcome! Check in here regularly for our latest news and tips about getting book publicity, media training, and tips from media insiders. Our first webinar, one of many to come, is Media Training for Authors on Saturday, March 25, 2023. We'll be sharing some tips and checklists in the weeks leading up to the big LIVE! webinar event.

Leann Garms of BBL Media & Publishing has been a regular speaker in the publicity and book publishing world for many years, and after her last presentation, "Building Book Buzz/PR for Authors" at the Women In Publishing Summit, there were several requests for a session on Media Training. So this training event was created!

Peg Booth will be joining Leann in speaking at the Media Training for Authors webinar. Peg has been at forefront of the book publishing industry for over 30 years and has an elite list of current and past clients.

And if you think you should wait until you HAVE interviews booked, or even before you engage in media outreach (pitching your story) — DON'T. Now is the time to prepare. Giving a good interview takes practice, and even the most seasoned speaking professionals continue to take advantage of media training (you've most likely heard of Deepak Chopra? Yes, he has STILL asked for media training after writing many books. I used to do PR for him.)

This webinar will give you not only the basics of how to prepare, but specific details about how to present yourself, what to say, what to wear, how to control the interview, and SELL BOOKS. But most importantly, how to ENTERTAIN so that you are asked back by producers time and time again.

This will be fun and full of great 'in-the-trenches' stories from our experiences over the past 30+ years of working with first-time and bestselling authors. We'll have a lively Q&A session for you to get your most pressing questions answered on the spot.

Stay tuned… and in the meantime, we'd love to know your #1 challenge or concern that comes to mind when you think about sitting down with a journalist or radio or TV host to talk about your book. Please email Leann or Peg Booth your #1 challenge when you sign up at

Please join us SATURDAY, MARCH 25 for a lively and educational webinar!