5 Common Mistakes Authors Make in a Media Interview

March 3, 2023
  1. Thinking the interview is about your book. It's not. It's about the topics in your book, especially if you can relate it to a current news story. Know why your book is important to THEIR audience. Be prepared!
  2. Wearing the wrong outfit such as a plaid shirt and wild tie or large earrings, etc.. Keep it basic and make sure it reflects the image you want to project about the topics in your book. Business book---shirt, tie, and jacket.
  3. Forgetting your 3 main talking points. Practice, practice, practice. And be prepared to re-direct if the host steers you off topic.
  4. Answering in long paragraphs. You need to get to the point! Answer in bullet points and about 3-4 sentences at most. Practice this. This is crucial to doing a successful interview or your interview may be very short!
  5. Assuming the host will mention your book and website. Don't count on it! Practice finessing your book title into the conversation subtly, give them graphics to put on screen, and ALWAYS thank the host at the end as you quickly tell the journalist or host where your book is available.

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