Booth Media Group
nonfiction book publicity
Booking media interviews and speaking engagements for nonfiction writers
for over 20 years.

"We have one core focus: delivering results. We work tirelessly for our authors, with the goal of booking numerous quality media appearances, so their books get exposure
to the widest possible audience."
Peg Booth with
John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Here at Booth Media Group, we know that writing a book is a herculean task.
After the hard work of writing and publishing a book, you deserve a robust readership.
That is where Booth Media Group enters the picture.

We are a boutique public relations firm that specializes in promoting non-fiction books. We have been at it for over 20 years and have become a trusted and go-to name in the world of book publicity. Many book publicists promise results; the difference is that Booth Media delivers time and again.

Peg Booth, our principle, has overseen more than 650 book campaigns since Booth Media was established in 1998. We work with all kinds of nonfiction authors, from first-time and self-published writers to bestsellers and household names. The focus with any client is the same: work tirelessly, creatively and methodically to develop and execute a winning publicity campaign that equates to increased public exposure for more readers and book sales.

We Promote a Wide Range of Nonfiction Books
We have established an expertise over the decades in subject matters relating to:
  • Business
    Personal Finance
    Current Events
  • Economics
  • Pet
    Personal Development
Booth Media Clients On-Air
In Their Own Words
John Perkins, author of the best seller, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" talks about his best selling book on Al Jazeera.

Den Bishop, author of "The Voter's Guide to Healthcare," discusses the U.S. healthcare system on Newsmax.

John Perkins on Al Jazeera
Dan Bishop on Newsmax
Booth Media Clients On-Air
Making the Rounds
Some of our clients appearing as guests on major media outlets
and public relations events over the years.

Annette Sym, "Symply Too Good to be True"
Shelly Brady, "10 Things I Learned from Bill Porter" on Oprah with Peg in the background
John Perkins with Yoko Ono receiving the LENNONONO GRANT FOR PEACE
Mark Victor Hansen, "Chicken Soup for the Soul"
Tish Squillaro, "HeadTrash" with Brian Kilmeade of Fox News
Charlene Costanzo, "The Twelve Gifts of Birth" series author, signing books at BEA
John Perkins at Foreign Press Association
Peg with Kristin Frantz, VP of Berrett Koehler Publishers
Tim Link, "Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has a Tale"
We deliver a curated, multi-pronged approach for each campaign to increase reach.
TV & Print Campaigns
National TV & print campaigns for maximum exposure.
Radio Campaigns
Quick Launch and traditional radio campaigns.
Media Tours
Connecting you with media influencers.
PR Materials Development
Press kits, press releases, pitch author articles & more.
PR Book
Top-notch consulting for improved PR results.
Media Training
Preparing new and established authors for interviews.
Why Booth Media?
  • Quickly identify breaking news topics to maximize booking opportunities for our authors
  • Decades-long relationships with a lengthy list of prestigious media contacts
  • Plenty of personalized attention from our highly experienced principle PR professional
  • A proven record of booking interviews with major media outlets for clients, including new authors
  • Coaching authors on best practices in media training, publicity and interviews
  • Uniting traditional PR values with emerging social media strategies
What Our Clients Say
  • "Peg Booth is incredible to work with and I recommend her to everyone who wants to make their book a best-seller. I have dealt with several publicists in the last seven years and Peg is by far the best!"
    Jack Canfield
    Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series
  • "Thanks to Peg, my book, Brain Longevity, became an international bestseller. She got me in Newsweek, on EXTRA, and MSNBC, plus we got great press exposure. She has many useful health contacts in the media. Peg is great!"
    Dharma Singh Khalsa MD
    Author, Brain Longevity
  • "Peg Booth is the best! Pure and simple. She has taken me through five campaigns over six years—and three times my books went onto the New York Times and other major bestseller lists for many weeks. She not only arranges interviews, media events, book signings, and speaking engagements at universities and businesses around the U.S. and abroad, she also keeps my master schedule updated and handles flights, car services, and all the other logistical details that otherwise would drain my energy and time. Peg knows PR, and I cannot say enough good things about her — except that I recommend her highly!"
    John Perkins
    Author, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
  • "Peg Booth has figured out how to break down the media's Berlin Wall set up against new authors. And for those of us now established, they are incredibly effective at filling our schedules with precious airtime to reach our reader base and to expand on it. Booth Media listens carefully and, unlike other firms, acts swiftly, putting in the grueling hours needed to promote our work. I am especially impressed that Booth does not waste my time with hours of billable discussions and nonsense with which the "name" firms of New York have wasted my time and money. Booth Media is the little black dress of PR firms. It always works."
    Greg Palast
    Author, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
  • "You deserve a gold medal for your extraordinary and successful efforts to promote Dr. Mike Bradley's book, Yes, Your Teen is Crazy! From the get-go you really outdid yourself by lining up an NBC Today Show interview to kick off Dr. Bradley's 13-city tour. Peg, you are without a doubt the best publicist I have ever worked with—no contest. From little things, like being able to reach you on the phone, even on weekends and evenings—to big things—like landing major national media. You work harder, take on more responsibilities, generate more enthusiasm, and in general do more than any other publicist I have ever worked with. Teaming up with you is one of the best things Harbor Press has ever done. On second thought, one isn't enough. You're worth your weight in gold medals!"
    Harry R. Lynn
    Publisher, Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy
  • "Peg Booth is absolutely the BEST! Effective P.R. requires extraordinary dedication in the form of countless hours on the phone building relationships. Peg has an amazing gift with people and they go the extra mile for her. When I wrote my first book, Beyond Success, Peg's extra efforts earned me appearances on Good Morning America, CNN's Business Unusual, and the Fox News Network's On Psychology. This is major league results for a new, relatively unknown author. Above all, Peg is a JOY to work with. She makes you feel like the most important person in the world and fills you with enthusiasm every moment you spend with her, on the phone or in person. If Peg is willing to bring you aboard as a client, JUMP at the chance. You'll win big!"
    Brian D. Biro
    Author, Beyond Success: The 15 Secrets of a Winning Life!
  • "Peg Booth is a true professional. No hype. No false promises. Just lots of hard work, passion, and total commitment. After a number of very disappointing publicists, we were very wary of getting involved again. But a trusted friend assured us that Peg would not be like the rest. And that's the truth. She is tireless. In a field where truth and performance are often at a minimum, Peg is a star. She delivers!"
    Drs. Judith Sherven & James Sniechowski
    Authors, The New Intimacy
  • "Thank you so much for the wonderful publicity you garnered for my book "Recipes for a Sacred Life." Your steady, hard work, creativity, great contacts, and "pleasant persistence" all paid off and gave my book a beautiful launching. I also appreciated how well and often you communicated with me, and that we truly worked as a team."
    Rivvy Neshama
    Author, Recipes for a Sacred Life